Prep For a Day Out.


The problem was discovered, as many faults are, by accident. Dismounting the fuel pump to check fuel lines the engine was started and the fuel pump left to howl at the world. After a few minutes on tick over the pump suddenly started hunting. Pressure gauge was constant PC said all was well, but the pump could be heard hunting or surging. Further investigation showed that the main fuel filter had turned into a Dyson vacuum cleaner and a neat cyclone had set up inside it in pure fluid. No air just masses of swirling fuel could be seen through the opaque filter case. The filter did not have sufficient volume of fuel within it to prevent a resonant wave starting which eventually caused the vortex to form. This only happened at low pressure (tick over) and has the demand rose so the fuel supply was cut back further by the back wash. Once the fuel supply had stopped and the RPM / demand reduced the cyclone collapsed and all was well again. Running for long periods of time at 3000-4000 RPM never created a problem. Most probably this fuel demand never allowed the resonance to set up in the filter.

All Ready To Go.


To solve this problem a large volume filter from a 4.0L Jeep Cherokee has been ordered. I think the fuel tank range will increase dramatically with this thing on board.

Problem still to solve are a slight vacuum forming in the tank and air in the pre filter (just can't bleed the damn thing properly). On the low pressure side the fuel tank outlet is going to be raised from 8mm to 12mm and a large bore pre-filter will be installed. This should provide sufficient fuel volume availability and decrease the chance of fuel supply disturbance.

The Beasts Day Out


On a lighter note OMG this thing is fast!!!! On the runs when all was working well I managed to park it sideways across the road twice by simply accelerating. There is little to no chance of catching it! Tracking, wheel alignment, steering angles and ride height all need much work so the engine has been detuned to a more sensible power output until this can be sorted. Even so with a soft tune power delivery set up and only 185BHP on tap this thing is blisteringly quick in a straight (ish) line. The brakes need work and there is a slight breather oil leak to fix but for a first shack down all is going very well indeed. The expectations were for very little running and much fettling and head scratching. The reverse was in fact the case.

Sun Bathing Beast.

The View Other Road Users Will See {Snigger Snigger}

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