Rolling Beast - Part 1

Rolling Beast Part 1 - Mounting the drive train.

Alan has reported that the chassis will be ready on the 12/02/2010 so it's nearly time to hire a car transporter trailer to go fetch the chassis, engine and gearbox.

Mean while orders have been placed for 4 off GAZ 36 position single adjustment dampers. These units are 57mm zinc plated steel body with adjustable spring platform and bonded in bushes. Along with these and to complete the suspension units, 4 off coil springs have also been ordered.

To complete the rolling chassis build orders have also gone out for 4 off top wishbones, 4 off bottom wishbones and a roll bar. The chassis will include Rear hub uprights and camber adjusters. To get the full down-force benefits from the bodywork aero package, a special front splitter mounting frame is also being built, this should also help mount some of the SAAB's extra radiators (Inter-cooler and Oil Cooler).

So at last some more mechanical building is under way and soon the full rolling chassis build will begin in earnest. It is going to be another one of those tense will it won't it moments as all these bits are fitted. If all the drawings and sketches are correct things should slot together. But I have this feeling that, unlike GM and their drilling patterns, our drawings are not going to be quite that good. There could soon be some “Oh dear never mind” times ahead!

More delays, work has got in the way of an early chassis pick up, plus the fact that the plasma cutter has gone Phut Phut cough splutter. So it looks like a weeks delay before the we get rolling....

It's arrived, well actually I blasted north hooked up to a car trailer and picked it up along with the engine and gearbox. Then I bounced merrily down the A1(M) for many scary hours wondering if the damn engine would get impatient, jump off it's pallet and embed itself in bonnet of one of the many manic northern tailgater's. Finally arriving home and smoking the clutch, to get the whole rig up the drive and into the garage, at 2.30am on Feb 22nd. A red eye morning followed so this is just a quick update, some more detailed pictures will follow later.

Rear View of the carcass of the beast

Rear view of the floor side.

OK the recovery process has been completed (a few hours sleep) and thoughts have been gathered. The bodywork for this project has been changed to help tidy up a few issues, mainly the front splitter has been changed and the floor pan and body mountings. The front splitter will tidy the front end and keep things firmly under control. The floor pan and body mounting changes will, in essence, help get the body square on the chassis. This has major advantages in not only air flow but aesthetics (nobody is going to like a lopsided looking car). All of these changes have meant the time scale for the body and aero package will now not be ready until April. As most of the plans so far have slipped far outside the predicted I have no doubt this will as well. The cars Le Mans 2010 run is now in jeopardy. We can only work hard and hope!

Now the parts pour in and the Hammerite painting frenzy is at full tilt.

Front Wishbones

Rear Hub Carriers

Rear Bottom Wishbones

Rear Top Wishbones

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