Creature Comforts.

The cockpit sides were planed to be GRP but as the exhaust system was built up it became clear that aluminium heat shields would be required.

Passenger Side Cockpit Side Panel.


On the drivers side of the car the heater radiator posed a problem for the GRP side. This would also require heat shields. In the end the decision was made to build all the internal area of the cockpit with aluminium.

Drivers Side Cockpit Panel.

At a later stage, after the IVA test, a vent system will be employed to allow the hot air from the heater radiator to warm the feet of the driver. On the passenger side the first stage of the exhaust silencer will generate the heat for the passenger foot well.

For now the fans will be fitted buy the holes will not be drilled.

As the body work progresses the next creature comfort to deal with is the fly screen. This needs to be preped in the same manor as the rest of the body before it can be trimmed and shaped to fit at the front of the cockpit. The final shaping will only be possible once the body is mounted to the chassis. So for now the fly screen will be filled, primed and painted.

Fly Screen Prep Stage.


The Next step is to test fit the fly screen into the front of the cockpit. From the front all is well and it neatly fits into the engine compartment.

Fly Screen Test Fit Front.

But from the rear it can be seem there is some fitting and filling requirements. This may have to wait until the body is fitted to the car.

Fly Screen Test Fit Side.

Using wood blocks under the body and a large adjustable plank across the front of the bodywork, the correct shape was formed so the fly screen could be fitted in the correct position.

Propped Up Body with Fly Screen in Place.

Using Rivet nuts and silicon sealer the fly screen is flexed and fitted into position. Rivet nuts were needed under the front cockpit cross strut and at each end just before the cockpit rail. The Fly screen needs to be clamped firmly into position as the actual shape of the body and screen will have changed since moulding.

Fly Screen Fitted Side View.

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