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Because the cooling system an exhaust routing are going to be heavily influenced by the body work it's time to start fitting this now. So the first job here is the floor.

Floor position rear view

This picture shows the floor in test alignment position and also shows the fuel tank in test position. There is going to some sneaky mounting hardware required here as there is no chance of turning the car upside down. U Brackets and draw bolts seems to be the order of the day. But first some careful marking out is required ready for the mounting, cutting and bonding process.

Marking out the floor pan is going to prove difficult. With the chassis fully fitted with suspension, engine and gearbox there's no way of flipping the thing over and positioning the floor. So after roughly squaring up the floor and finding that the actual panel is also only roughly cut means a real head ache. So off comes the floor panel for some serious marking up.

Fist step: using a very large square (for dry walling) the back of the floor panel could be used to give a good average to make a datum line across the width of the floor.

Second Step: As the floor is tapered the only way to ensure measurements across the width are accurately square was by using the datum line markers were then placed every 10 inches down each side of the floor.

Third Step: Placing a rule across each pair of markers the centre between the tapered edges could be established.

Final Step: From the centre line (C/L) then drive shaft tunnel and outside chassis rails can be marked out and from the datum line the various cross members and gearbox engine cut outs can be marked.

Floor Panel Plan


A tad complex and the whole job would be much easier if the floor had been fitted first but, and it's a major BUT, the fitting of gearbox, engine, real end and suspension and front to back alignment would be ten times harder if the floor panel was in place at the time.

Floor Panel Marked Up

Floor Panel Engine Gearbox Cut Out


An extra cut out is required on the nearside to allow for service the oil filter. Keeping as much of the floor as possible around the engine bay not only helps with further engine compartment fitting out but also improves the total flat surface area under the car and hence aerodynamics. Then there is the extra benefit of chassis stiffness. As the floor panel is TEK screwed and bonded to the chassis it takes on part of the chassis duties. Just buy a flat pack wardrobe and try not fitting the back panel, all those tiny tacks and floppy hardboard will stiffen the wardrobe structure beyond belief. Same principle applies here only massively amplified by the screws and chassis bonding.


Now for some TEK screws and bonding.

Using M6x60mm bolts, nuts and washers through the thinner flat cross members of the chassis and M6x120mm studding through a made up aluminium plate, resting across the font chassis member.

M6x60mm Floor Lifting Bolts

Front Floor Lifting Plate

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