The DVLA Registration Process

Just when you thought it was all over the DVLA charge in and want there cut of the spoils. There is a joint process for registering and tax a new car the involves some interesting double jointed gymnastics.

DVLA inspection Day

Load the beast onto the trailer last night (again) which has become a very quick process now. This morning left nice and early ready to attack the rush hour A12 nightmare. But suddenly nothing happened. No accident, no traffic jams in fact no traffic. Ended up arriving 1 hour 15 mins early at the DVLA Chelmsford. This early including a pasty breakfast stop

So wandered in took a number and was seen within 2 mins. This is all going too well me thinks. This will certainly end in tears.

But man at desk says he will talk to examiners, don’t bother unloading the car from the trailer until they get there as they may be able to see everything without any issues. Right this is all going way way too well. There will be a massive crash any second.

Two men arrive within 5 mins and look at the car and the paper work. I lift the bonnet and man one begins writing numbers form the VIN plate. Man two walks around looking at wheels and talks about the build process. Man one writes down number from the chassis. Man one looks at diff. Man one writes down engine number. Man two looks a gearbox. Man one and two chat and say Q plate. Me says yes please! Coz the last thing this monster wants is to look old. It should be a Q as it’s not a normal road car and I want to be loud and proud about the fact I built it.

Man one and man two look surprised but smile with contentment. Man one says they will be in touch in the next few days. Man one & two walk off to their office.

I drive home. No traffic in Chelmsford. No traffic on A12. I arrive home at the exact time my DVLA appointment should have kicked off. What a weird day. What a weird thing this DVLA inspection is. Still don’t get it but hey tiz done who cares

The DVLA want to inspect the car to re check what VOSA checked at the IVA ie, chassis no:, engine no:, VIN plate. There is actually a place on the IVA pass cert where it says that the VOSA inspector  has already checked this. When I mentioned this to DVLA phone wally he said "VOSA are a different agency to us"
So I asked "Don't you trust them then"?
"We need to prove it's correct" came the answer.
So apparently VOSA can't be trusted!
"That's a highly efficient waste of tax payers money" Says me.
"Thank you" says phone geek ?????????

I give up!

Next problem is they want it at Chelmsford, busy place and no way it can be driven there. Then they say if the car is on a low loader or trailer it has to be removed to be inspected. So some how or other you have to get a rig into a crowded area heavily used by university, business park and the DVLA office. Unload the car causing mayhem, drive it into a special parking place where a DVLA pen pusher will check the numbers match with exactly what VOSA noted. They will then toddle back to finish their coffee, while I create more chaos reloading the rig again. Let's not get into the cost of this for me (trailer higher and fuel) and the DVLA (disturbing said pen pusher from their coffee).

Oh and they are most helpful about not inspecting cars. They only inspect on the 14th and 21st of the month. Can't disturb this highly trained coffee drinker on any other day. How long does it take to view a few numbers?

As for VIC (Vehicle Identity Check) it's just wierd. Yeah they can check you have not changed anything since IVA but if you were going to, you'd do it after the VIC.

Having spent a shed load on money on an engine rebuild I'm not sure many would change that.
Changing the chassis? Really. I think not.
And a VIN plate is just that a plate.

Those that run Government agencies need to be given the common sense gene in large spoonfuls

But rules is rules and we have to keep these DVLA chaps in work during these tough times, I mean we don't want to have more teachers and nurses, then where would the country be

All joking aside I just wish they'd put the car examination area some place where cars could get to, you know like the VOSA guys have. Most of my concerns would then go away. He’s an idea lets let VOSA do the check.......

Oh well booked 21st as I'm at the wrong end of the country the rest of this month

Time to do all the odds and sods jobs on the beast till then.......

Oh Tiz not done!

Letter form the DVLA has arrived. I need to insure the beast before I can get a registration number. I can understand that for a TAX disc but for a registration document this seems a little odd. But then again whatever the DVLA do seems a little odd.

Now it’s time to insure a car that has not been registered. Ah yes easy, especially as the first question on all forms is

“What is the car registration number”

Never mind time to talk to insurance brokers and find out how to insure a car by it's chassis number.

This VOSA & DVLA stuff is a true mystery voyage of discovery.......

Not only that but the DVLA are crap at their own job. We actually have to pay for this level of ineptitude!

The process so far has been

Plated the beast eyes the road.