Le Mans 2013 - Victory for the Otage

The final goal has been reached. The Otage made it’s maiden voyage to Le Mans. The drive was from Harwich to Dover - Calis then three days though France to Le Mans. And it was mission accomplished with high praise and massive appreciation from all the Le Mans goers from all over the world. The Otage was an instant hit with everyone from race fan, race mechanic to race drive. Women posed for photos by the partners and men talked and discussed and WANTED. My son was immensely proud of what is now his car.... Mmm right... And posed better than any kid I have ever seen.

Photos taken by all even in the French Rest Areas on route

BBQ Over the beast has fed

Kid targets more on lookers

Searching for the next pose

The calm before the storm

The cars rest and so does the support team at Le Mans Houx Campsite. Celebrating the triumph of the journey and build of the car to it’s final Goal!


Very Popular attraction at the Manningtree Car Show.