Fighting The Elements

The weather in the UK is generally not favourable to open top sports cars so protection is required when the beast is left alone or the beast is at a tack needing more TLC. In the first instance the Tourney Cover helps stop the rain attacking the car but on track days when work is required in the howling storms of Britain then something a little more substantial is required. The answer is a pit tent and a perfect answer it turned out to be. Manufactured from a awning for a motor caravan with just a few mods and a nice place to work is available.

The next problem is the bucket seats. Made of PVC with bad stitching and although comfortable they or not exactly robust or water proof. The problem tends to be exaggerated because the water leaks though the stitching into the seat foam giving the impression the seat is dry. Once your backside squeezes the seat the foam hands back the water to the seating area and you become decidedly damp and extremely surprised. As the cockpit area is tight and I’m not looking to make things more uncomfortable the best option seems to be to get the existing seats recovered in leather. This actual works out at around £200 / seat but even at this price it is half the price of new replacement seats and I know for a fact they will fit, because they already do.   

Faux Leather, Made to Measure Tourney Cover

After one splendid drive I stopped at a pub for a shandy and a snack. During my short stay in the pleasant watering hole the weather decided to water the country side. This resulted in the car turning into a warm bath and me robbing the pub of large quantities of toilet roll to dry the seats. Of my return I turned into the “Taylor of Panama” for over a week. Working from sticks of inches, pins, needles and reams of Faux leather and cotton plus large amounts of glue a cockpit cover was created. Using press studs around the cockpit and strategically placed under the hood for a security measure. The cover can be clipped into place when the car is left exposed. Using Faux Leather means the cover is strong with elasticity properties and can be folded small and flat and placed under the passenger seat when not in use. A perfect alternative to a nappy on wet parking days.

A Wet Pack