On Going Modifications 2

Next issue to be faced is the great Essex roads or should we say the great lack of maintenance on Essex roads and the corresponding pot holes and ridges. On a race track the problem of sheared camber adjusters would probably never have occurred. And if Britain's roads were properly maintained the issue would certainly never have occurred. The nearside alloy camber adjuster sheared at 40MPH after crashing into a drain cover that had sunk into the tarmac. With some crafty steering input and handbrake the car was kept out of the ditch. Limping home with a spring compressor used as a clamp to hold the top ball joint attached to the wishbone. The picture below shows the original Camber Adjusters with the sheared item.

Original Alloy Camber Adjuster

Original Alloy Camber Adjuster

By replacing the large M18 ball joint nut with two M18 half nuts the adjustment was upgraded to a lock nut set up rather than a clip held nut. Much safer and much simpler to make adjustments. The Alloy Camber adjuster was replaced with Steel version (thanks Rally Designs) which will make the system much more robust. Also two stainless steel 3mm thick washers were manufactured One fits before the lock nuts and the other fits over the new camber before its slid into the wish bone. With these two washers in place the wishbone load is spread evenly on each side without the nuts biting into the metal. The washers also space out the adjustment nuts on  both sides of the wishbone. This greatly improves the set up of the camber as spanners can now fit totally onto the adjuster nuts.

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Original Camber Adjusters