Rear End Build

As the parts are ordered and arrive randomly the rear end rebuild has also been started. If this part of the project is representative of the original builders mind set then there is trouble is ahead!  

Bodge Job Spacer.

Oopps Assembly.

On both lower shock mounts an odd assortment of nuts and washers had been used to create spacers. All the nuts were over size and the shock mount had migrated into the nut thread. If driven anywhere like this the shock would have collapsed in no time.

Next we find the top mount had obviously been assembled before the bodywork had be put in place. Without any thought of how the shock would ever had been changed the bold can not be withdrawn without drilling a large hold in the spare wheel well. Nice... NOT!

Maybe the totally worn and perished rear roll bar bushes can be put down to age. But somehow I doubt it... The car has certainly never been used and would have just been moved from place to place on a trailer. But as can clearly be seen all the bushes are totally shot. Void bushes on the other hand look almost new. So some had been changed and some not.

So more ploy bushes have been ordered. As poly bush replacement for the upper and lower axle arms are know to crack chassis and axle casings on the original Cortina’s rubber bushes will be used here. The original rubber bushes allow a slight twist deflection which saves the chassis and axle from undue stress.

The roll bar although rusty is in good condition and will be recycled after a thorough clean and painting.

Worn Roll Bar Bushes.

Meanwhile the rear wheel adaptors / spacers have been turned and are now on the mill being marked and pre drilled. Much work is left to do here and extreme accuracy is required to keep everything running true and balanced once fitted. This is work to be carried out when the mind and body are fully in tune with each other.

Marking and Pre-Drilling.

With the drilling completed the adaptor is put up on the the lathe so that the wheel centre spigot can be created. A bonus here is that the spigot can be cut to 73.3mm. This will eliminate the need for spigot rings and any after market rim can be fitted.  

Spigot Turning.

Cutting the recess for the original axle spigot

The next process is cutting the large hole in the back of the adaptor for the existing axle spigot to locate into. This needs to be a nice friction fit to the original, 63.3mm to be precise.

Tapping the 3 holes M12 x 1.5.

Then it’s time to tap three of the holes that match the original 4 x 108 PCD studs. The Fourth original hole is drilled out to 12.5 mm as are the new 4 holes that make up the 5 stud layout. The back of the 4 new stud holes are recessed at 18mm diameter by 5 mm deep so that the four new studs can be seated below the back plate surface of the. This allows the adaptor to mount flush to the original.

As shown above, one stud passes through the original hub and its spline locks it in place. This stud locates the adaptor and acts as the No.1 stud. The remaining original 3 studs are removed from the original hub and are replaced with M12 x 1.5 bolts of 30mm length. The new adaptor is then fitted with 4 studs and their 13mm splines lock them into place. As all the holes are now filled with nice new steel the adaptor and hub will be nicely balanced. Also as great accuracy was taken in the building of the adaptor with all measurements taken from the centre of the original blank, this too will be in perfect balance. The only trick left is to re-bolt the half shaft to the axle. This is slightly more tricky now as the holes on the original hub are obscured. But there is enough clearance behind the new hub assembly to spanner the bolts into place. As a disc brake will also be included in nuts will be required on the back of the axle flange and therefore the assembly will be far more securely fixed in place that the original.   

Test Fitting to the Half Shaft.

The Final Pair mounted.

Rear End Bush set (in purple).

The next job at on the rear end is stripping, cleaning, painting and re-bushing the axle, roll bar and upper and lower radius arms and spring mounts. Add to this work list some shinny new Spax shocks and upgraded springs to lower the rear by 25mm.

Much to do then.......

Painting is not only important for rust prevention but also shows that every part (including the body work and chassis) has been inspected and refurbish. If it ain’t black it ain’t be sorted yet is now our motto!

Not only that but for some reason, best known to suspension manufactures, colour is in! Honestly it’s not, well not here anyway.

5 Stud Vs Old 4 Stud.

The Cleaned 4 Stud.

5 Stud Adaptor Vs 4 Stud Standard.

As there has been a lot of interest in this idea and as a picture says a thousand words, some more pictures have been added here to show the concept and execution of the 5 stud adaptors.

With Black, Yellow, Red & Purple components the rear underside of the car is going to look like a multi-coloured swap shop. In an attempt to tone things down a bit the new SPAX springs will be painted black, nothing much can be done with the bushes and the shocks are half yellow and half black so should not stand out too much.

SPAX - Yellow Shocks & Red Springs?

5 Stud Adaptor Rear Mounting.

The adaptor is bolted to the Atlas hub from the rear using high tensile M12 x 1.5 x 30mm cap head bolts. The adaptor is also used to secure the new brake disc onto the hub assembly.  

When everything is securely bolted together the half shalt can be reassembled to the axle ready to the rest of the new and refurbished parts to complete the rear end of the car. The whole underside rear of the car and chassis plus all the components have all bee refurbished and painted.

Finally at least one section is rust free!

All the roll bar bushes have been replaced with poly bushes. Eye bushes, end bushes have been forced into position leaving thumbs wrecked and in need of medicinal beer! The Anti-roll bar has been fully refurbished and all mounts have been repositioned. The only outstanding items are the manufacture of the bush inserts as the old ones were completely worn and corroded beyond use.

New Shocks & Bolts.

Along with manufactured spacer.

Seek and ye shall find. If not seek harder! And that’s the story of the shock lower bolts. Very tricky to track down new ones but eventually two nice shiny bolts were located. With the addition of a new spacers, manufactured by Mike (the apprentice). Lets hope they work nicely with the new springs. Hopes are high as they are all supplied by Spax.

So onwards with the refurbishment of anti-roll bar, axle. Plus the new shocks, springs and bushes.

5 Stud Adaptor Full Monty.

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Shock Fitted With Correct Spacer.

Shocks Completely Fitted.