Propeller Shaft Rebuild

A cheap propshaft has been acquired from the infamous Ebay. Purchased from a Granada Auto because the length needs to be short so that the engine and gearbox can be mounted as far back as possible to help with weight distribution. Also the R28 gearbox is longer than the Ford equivalent so a short prop will help out here as well. Flee bay did us proud at £9.00 including delivery.....  

Stripping the UJ joints (staked type)

Stripping the Centre Bearing and Centre Mount

OK the shaft was a bit of a mess and had been stored for some time but with new UJ’s and Centre bearings and rubbers plus a good clean up and paint things were transformed very easily. Well apart from the centre UJ mount that has a 10 x 1.0 thread tapped into the front shaft. This decided to become an issue on reassembly and would to allow the bolt to even start. So this had to be re-tapped, which was a pain because due to the lack of a super fine thread tap. RS to the rescue and an extra £8.00 for a pair of taps.  

Rebuilding the Centre Bearing and Centre Mount

Centre bearing reassembled.

Tack Welded C-Clip UJ bearing.

Once the offending thread had been cleaned up the centre bearing can be reassembled and the new UJ fitted with the aid of a good strong parallel vice.  Once assemble and set with 2mm of clearence each side the UJ is held in place with a tailored C-Clip and some small tack welds as re-staking is not a good option without the correct (expensive) tool and press equipment.

The final fully refurbished Prop Shaft ready for action. Total build cost was as follows:

Prop Shaft

Centre Bearing

Center Bush

UJ’s 2 off



£ 9.00


£ 8.50


£ 8.00


As compared to a refurbished shaft at £140.00 and a new shaft at £320.00 Some times Locost actually pays.......