Lights All Around.

Lighting problems at the rear are somewhat more than the front. Firstly the car is designed for Open Manta GTE light clusters. Right these were certainly not GM’s finest hour as car designs got. Back panels were week and if anyone fitted a tow bar the car would be a right off within a few years of heavy tow work. Rust was... Well... Everywhere. UK company car taxation at the time led to 1.8 litre engines being fitted to what looked like a sports coupe. So they got thrashed. GM’s choice of gearbox was very weak. The 2.0 Litre was a much better car but not produced in large quantities for the UK.  Add to this that all models had electrics that could be temperamental. Bottom line - basically there are not that many of them left in the UK. Finally light clusters were located. Sometime you have to look in unlikely places.

Not expecting the bulb holders to be in working order and knowing that time in GM’s life the contacts will be a nice green colour and will snap the moment a spade terminal is plugged onto them. But with the plastic available a major piece of rear end remodelling has been saved. There could be an option to LED the lamps but this tends to upset the SAAB light monitoring so maybe bulb holder upgrade could be the way to go. We will wait and see.

Before fitting the rear light units the fitting area and the area around the lights are pre-sprayed. This will save messing around later as masking will be far simpler before the final bodywork painting. Also the chances of non sprayed areas showing after the final coat is greatly reduced if even so called hidden areas are sprayed before the parts are fitted.