Chassis Clean up

The very first job is to clean up the chassis  whilst identifying all the pre fitted components. Some if not all of the pre fitted components will either need removing and upgrading or at the very least refurbishing. The main job to start with is to clean and make good the chassis. So time to de-rust and protect. This will be a major task as the chassis is a substantial thing, big enough and tough enough to make Land Rover proud. No space frame chassis in this beast just a serious backbone style iron horse.     

Bringing the car into the shop and stripping off the doors, bonnet, boot and inertia panels ready for the cleaning and painting.

What we start with.

After stage 1 cleaning & prep

The restoration adds a new element to car building. Cleaning back the rust and preparing for painting is something usually reserved for the donor parts. Here the chassis and roll cage has had a long exposed life and is need of plenty of TLC.


The front chassis section has been far easier to clean up and paint due to the fact that it had originally been painted (as show below) and so only small sections required work. Sub frame clean and paint plus full poly bush replacement will be tackled after the chassis work.

Original painted chassis

Floor Removed

Chassis Painting Ongoing

With the floor removed the sheer size and strength of the box section chassis can be seen. As the painting process continues it is clear that overall the chassis is in very good condition and only surface rust is evident, although this is abundant and in some places very difficult to access and remove. But gradually the chassis begins to look like new and will certainly never suffer again.