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Again? Well only if you followed the original Saab Otage LMP build. Well that car is, although still being honed, a finished build project. Here we begin a  new project. Something softer, something drier and something far more everyday usable. Using the development features of the LMP the new car will have a slight twist as well. The car will be a restoration of the Carlton Carrera from the mid 90’s. Only this reincarnation will, over time, be completely upgraded to the original car design. With moulding's and chassis designs still available, if not readily, the car could be built again if this project is successful.

So what will this car look like.

These original views will no doubt change over time and the colour is by no means set yet but these are very good facsimiles of what the car should look like.

And so the build diary of the Saab Otage GT begins. Enjoy!

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This update :- 04/04/2014

Front End Rebuild